The price of electric bike in Pakistan: Review and electric bike companies

Due to the hike in petroleum prices, everyone is switching to electric vehicles. In the same way, Pakistan is enhancing its electric vehicles and introducing electric cars and bikes. As there are many benefits of using electric bikes in Pakistan. An electric bike will not only save your money as well as provide us with a clean environment. The price of an electric bike in Pakistan in 2022 is Rs 1,25,000. The price may vary due to uncertainty in economic statics. But in 2022 you will get an electric bike of around 1 lac.

Benefits of Electric Bike in Pakistan:

1. Less pollution: Electric bike creates less pollution because it has an electric motor that does not emit smoke.

2. Huge saving on Fuel: Electric bikes do not need petrol to run as they will run on a battery so using the power from the battery will save you extensive money.

3. With low charging you can ride for many km: Electric bikes with low charging can go for many Kms. It is a kind of benefit that an electric bike gives you.

4. Save your budget: Electric bike does not need huge in the form of maintenance. As electric bike does not need tunning or oil change which cost a thousand of rupees which we usually give for a petrol bike every two months.

6. No usage of lubricants: There is no need for engine oil in an electric bike as it is an engine-less bike. Thus, it will save your monthly oil changing price as well.

Electric bikes available in Pakistan:

Yes, Electric bikes are now easily available all over Pakistan. There are multiple bike companies that are manufacturing electric bikes in Pakistan.

What is the price of an Electric Bike in Pakistan?

The price of an electric bike is different as it varies from company to company but you will get a new electric bike in Pakistan for around 1 lakh rupees.

Electric bike companies in Pakistan:

There are multiple companies in Pakistan that manufacture electric bikes in Pakistan.

1. Jolta

2. Sunra

3. V-Lektra

4. E-bike

Will I need a driving License for an electric bike in Pakistan?

Yes, you require a driving license for an electric bike in Pakistan as we used to need in a petrol bike.

Which is the first Electric bike in Pakistan?

It is still unknown which company built the first electric bike in Pakistan.

What is the price of the Jolta E-bike in Pakistan?

Rs 1,50,000 is the current of Jolta electric Pakistan JE-100L. 

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