Guitar in affordable price in 2022 -SAGA SF600

Guitars are one the essential instruments for music. Every guitar lover wants to grab guitars at an affordable price. But due to its huge cost, people take less interest in buying a guitar, but today we have bought a branded guitar that you can buy in 2022 at an affordable and reasonable price.


A Guitars price under 10K:

You can buy a stylish guitar for the price of 10K, and that guitar is SAGA SF600 which is available for around 10 thousand.

SAGA is a prominent guitar company in Africa that offers you to purchase the guitar at a reasonable price. The availability of this affordable guitar is online and offline. This guitar is now available in different countries. So, it is not very hard to find this affordable musical instrument.

Specifications of SAGA SF600 guitar:

Here are some specifications of the SAGA SF600 guitar that enhance its look and style.

1. laminated spruce top:

2. back and front sides are laminated with traditional wood of the best quality.

3. Matte finish

4. Gauge 11-52 mm

These specifications of SAGA SF600 give it a premium look and feel to guitar enthusiasts. Its specification is quite similar to the branded guitars, whose price is around 15 to 20K. Apart from that, the neck of this guitar has a rare look which you can hardly find in any guitar around 10k price.

In a SAGA SF600, there is another excellent feature that is rare to find in any other guitar is the Allen Key—the Allen key of the SAGA guitar has a safety that prevents the strings of your guitar from getting damaged.

You can get Fishman to pick up in SAGA SF600 electro guitar.

How to buy SAGA guitar SF600:

You can buy SAGA guitar SF600 on Amazon and in the guitar market at an affordable price.

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