Disadvantage of AC DC Ceiling Fan.

AC DC Ceiling Fan works on both AC and DC current. The fan never stops working, even after the light goes off. As it is connected with a battery or solar plate at the same time. But today, we will discuss the disadvantage of AC DC Ceiling Fan.

The circuit of an AC DC Ceiling fan usually burns out due to dual connections. The problem of the circuit mostly happens because there are dual connections at the same time, and the power of the grid goes off, and the power suddenly shifts over the battery. This sudden change makes the ac dc circuit of the ceiling faulty usually. Therefore, you take your fan to the repair shop. It is better that you should either be the dc fan or ac fan.

Connect your DC fan ceiling through the charge controller.

This is another reason why the dc fan circuit becomes faulty. Due to irregularity, in amperes, your DC fan’s circuit burns. You must connect your DC ceiling fan with the Solar Charge Controller as the charge controller provides a smooth supply to your DC fan, and there will be less chance of becoming faulty. 

How to repair the circuit of the AC DC CEILING FAN?

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