.com vs .pk - Which you should buy

.com vs .pk both extensions are different. These domains are used to attract the audience of a specific country or the entire world. Today we will talk that which extension you should buy .com or pk.

Which extension you should buy .com or .pk?

If your target is only the Pakistan audience. As your content is related to your country then .pk is the best and if you want traffic from all over the world then you should go for .com. .pk or .in these extensions are used for specific countries, but .com is different from those.

Can .pk get traffic from all over the world?

Yes, .pk can get traffic from all over the world if your content is according to that. It does not mean that .pk will not get traffic from all over the world. If you post quality content then your website can get traffic from all over the world.

Is there a difference between the price of the .pk and .com domain?

Yes, there is a difference between .pk and .com prices. .pk domain is cheaper than that of .com.

For which websites we can use the .pk extension?

There are several websites for which you can use .pk extensions.

1. News website: if you are going to launch a website that focuses on the news then you must attach a .pk extension with your website.

2. Shopping website: If you are using a shopping website or have a store then make your website with a .pk extension as it will help you get the traffic from Pakistan.

3. Education: If you are owning a school or coaching center, and want your people to know about your school or coaching center then buy a .pk extension for your website.

4. Notes or MCQs: if you have a website for MCQs like job preparation or entrance examination then you must buy a .pk extension.

These were a few reasons for which you make you understand the difference between .pk and .com website extensions. 

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