cheaper car than alto 660 cc in Pakistan in 2022

Due to a massive hike in the price of cars, Pakistan motors has introduced a car that is fuel-efficient as well as under your budget. Suzuki Motor has launched a cheaper car than Alto 660 cc in Pakistan in 2022. The Suzuki launched a limited Mehran VX variant in 2022 under your budget. The retail price of Mehran VX in 2022 is Rs 8,25,000.

 Can I buy a cheaper car than Alto 660 cc in Pakistan?

Yes, you can buy a cheap car in Pakistan than Alto 660 cc, and it is Mehran VX which you can buy at Rs 8,25,000, and it is indeed low-priced than Alto 660 cc. This car is the best available cheap car under 10 lakhs in Pakistan in 2022.

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