Baba character analysis -The Kite Runner

Who is Baba in the Kite Runner?

Baba is the main character in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite runner. In the whole novel, the real name of Baba in the Kite Runner is not revealed, and it is used as Baba and Amir’s father. In Kite Runner, Baba is a big businessman in Afghanistan and lives in a mansion in Kabul, Afghanistan. Being a rich man, he was not egoistic but lived a real-man life. He has great sympathy for Hassan and his father, Ali. Baba never used his power of domination to marginalize the Hazara community in the novel. Amir always thinks that his father does not love as much as a father should because Amir has an interest in other things, which Baba did not expect in his son. However, it was only Amir’s illusion because, in the novel, Baba loves Amir very much.

Moreover, it is said that Baba deceived Ali by having a relationship with his wife, and Hassan was an illegitimate child of Baba. But Baba had a relationship with Sanaubar (Ali’s wife) for a reason. Because Ali was suffering from a disease that became the cause of Ali’s infertility, Ali’s relationship with his wife was not good as it should be. It may be the reason that Baba wanted to save his childhood friend Ali from the curses of society that he is not able to produce a baby.  

Baba character analysis -The Kite Runner

Being Hassan is Baba’s illegitimate child, Baba does not discriminate between Amir and Hassan. Both were equal for him. Baba used to take great care of Hassan. he hired a famous surgeon from India for Hassan as Hassan’s birthday gift. Because Hassan was suffering from a childhood problem of cleft lip (harelip). In the same way, Baba could have sent Hassan to a school, but in more than half of the novel, Hassan is shown as the son of Ali who was Hazara, and they were not allowed to go to school. Thus, this is the reason that Baba did not let Hassan go to school in the novel.

The love of baba for Ali and Hassan can be determined from this line that they both used to live with Baba in his house, and when Amir wanted to replace Ali and Hassan with the new servants at that time, Baba became apoplectic with Amir's suggestion, and strongly warned him to not think to replace them as Ali and Baba both were close to his heart. In another place, when Ali and Hassan were leaving Baba’s house, that moment was heart-warming as tears were rolling out from baba’s eyes. Even though he was pleading to not leave his house.

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In the USA, Baba was missing Ali and Hassan. He misses the days that he spent with them in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In the novel, Baba is shown as a courageous man who cares about honour more than his life. It can be observed when he stood against cruelty with the lady refugee in the truck.  

Which adjectives are used for baba in the Kite Runner?

The following adjectives are suitable for baba, and they are used in the Kite Runner.

1. Courageous

2. Supportive

3. Man of words

4. Helpful

5. Hardworking

6. Kind-nature

7. Kind-hearted

8. True lover of the motherland

9. Father-like-figure

10. True Friend

These are some top adjectives that are used for Baba in the Kite Runner.

What changes occur in the character of Baba in the Kite Runner?

Some changes occur in the character of Baba. We will discuss how Baba change in The Kite Runner.

1. He tells his son Amir that Hassan is Ali’s son. However, he was his brother.

2. In the USA, he started his small in, flea market, and he was a rich businessman in Afghanistan.

3. Baba never wants Amir to be a writer, but to impress General Taheri, he says that Amir is going to become a famous writer.

4. Baba never pardons those who steal or theft something, and when Amir proved Hassan stole his belongings which he actually did not. At that moment, Baba’s words shocked Amir when he said that he had forgiven Hassan for the actions of which he had been falsely accused. This was the time Amir saw a turning point for his father.

5. Amir has never seen his father crying. Amir used to think that Baba was strong and could not cry, but when Hassan and Ali were leaving his house. Baba cried for them. This was another change that Amir observed in his father. 

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