iPhone 14 Pro Max First glance- Advanced Series Apple iPhone

After the iPhone 13 pro max, Apple will launch its iPhone 14 series. The phone comes with the most advanced features that will make it a grand success in the market. Numerous sources have affirmed its design and features.

What is new in the Apple iPhone 14?

Since it is advanced series of Apple, the new iPhone 14 will come with an A 16 Bionic chip which will undoubtedly be faster than a faster iPhone.   Another feature of the new iPhone is its camera. The new iPhone 14 has a 48mp (megapixel ) camera. That will give its users HD (high definition) photos and videos.

Furthermore, the new iPhone 14 has placed a notch on the rear and a pin-shaped area for face identity that will give a cool look. Another trademark iPhone is going to grab from other phones is its storage.

The storage of the new iPhone 14 will be 2TB (Terabyte).

How many series of new iPhone 14?

Apple will give four series of iPhone 14.

1. iPhone 14

2. iPhone 14 pro

3. iPhone 14 max

4. iPhone 14 pro max

iPhone 14 adds many more features like satellite communication and accidental alert, but it can probably be found only in iPhone 14 pro max. Maybe it will be available in other series too.

 Specification of iPhone 14:

1. A 16 chip

2. Face ID

3. Dual camera

4. 6 GB RAM

5. 2 TB storage memory

6. Refresh Rate 90 Hz. 

Release date of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro max:

The Apple iPhone 14 release date is not confirmed yet. But it is expected to launch in June.

Price of iPhone 14 Pro Max in the USA:

According to the LeaksApplePro, the iPhone 14 Pro Max price will be $1199.

Price of iPhone 14 Pro Max in India:

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in India will be approximately 93200 INR (Not confirmed yet).

Price of iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan:

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan will be 4,60,000

The expected look of the Apple iPhone 14 series: 

The picture below is about the look of the iPhone 14. It has 4 series, and in the picture, you can see the picture of the iPhone 14 of all variants.

Look of iPhone Pro max

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